2024 Ford Bronco Raptor receives new black trim package

It seems that automakers have chosen a day of a total eclipse as the perfect opportunity to release black-out trim packages. Ford is joining in on the trend by launching the Black Appearance Package for the 2024 Bronco Raptor, following Jeep’s Gladiator “NightHawk” special edition.

The concept is simple: take a Bronco Raptor and add plenty of black trim. The package includes a gloss black painted top, roll bar, mirror caps, and fender flares. The steel bumper, tow hooks, and skid plate are all painted in a matte black finish, complemented by unique black vinyl graphics. Ford was inspired to include the painted skid plate based on seeing customers DIY the modification on their own Broncos.

However, the package is limited to just black accents and doesn’t come with any additional equipment like the Jeep special edition (even if it’s not a substantial amount of equipment on the Jeep). While there may not be much more to add to the Bronco Raptor, considering its already high-end features, the $4,995 price tag for just black paint and stickers may seem a bit steep, especially when the base price for the truck is over $90,000.

If you’re interested and have the means, the Black Appearance Package for the Raptor can be ordered starting this month.

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