2024 Ford Bronco Sport receives price reductions up to $1,980

Not too long ago, some cars were difficult to obtain and certain automakers expressed a desire to maintain the ordering model instead of resorting to incentives. Unfortunately, those hopes seem to have been dashed based on the state of dealer lots and incentive listings on sites like Cars Direct. It seems that Ford may have grown weary of offering incentives on the Bronco Sport and has chosen to decrease the MSRP of the Escape-based crossover. This news is well-received by us, as just three months ago, we mentioned, “Despite our fondness for the Bronco Sport, it was quite expensive for its size. The situation worsened in 2024 when the base trim level was discontinued, leaving the Big Bend trim as the entry point.”

As per a dealer bulletin issued earlier this month, as reported by Cars Direct, the automaker has reduced prices by a low-four-figure amount on all but one Bronco Sport trim. The new MSRPs for the 2024 Bronco Sport post the $1,595 destination charge, along with the differences from previous pricing, are as follows:

  • Big Bend: $31,390 ($1,435 less)
  • Heritage: $33,690 ($1,335 less)
  • Free Wheeling: $33,990 ($1,335 less)
  • Outer Banks: $35,530 ($1,980 less)
  • Badlands: $39,985 (No change)

At the lower end, the Bronco Big Bend is priced just $300 higher than the standard Escape Active; the price gaps increase with each trim level, reaching around $2,000. Interestingly, the Bronco Sport’s destination charge is $100 more than that of the Escape.

On the other end, only the Badlands trim remains unchanged, which might be for the better; the previous $2,515 price difference between it and the Outer Banks has now increased to $4,450. While we do not support higher prices, this latter amount seems more reasonable for the additional equipment included in the Badlands trim.

The Bronco Sport had a successful year in 2023, selling 127,476 units in the U.S., marking a more than 30% increase from the 99,547 sales in 2022. In December, Ford offered incentives of up to $4,500 for the 2023 Bronco Sport. Dealers saw an additional 31,565 units move off their lots in the first quarter of this year, representing a 6% increase over Q1 2023. The outcome of this quarter will reveal whether the price reductions will have a similar impact as cash back incentives.

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