BMW and Rimac Technologies join forces to develop advanced high-voltage battery technology

During the current EV landscape, different manufacturers are experiencing varying levels of success. After the initial learning curve with the i3, BMW is now seeing an increase in deliveries of the i4, iX1, and i7 by 41% in the first quarter of the year. BMW aims to have 20% of its global deliveries in 2024 be battery-electric, showing a 5% gain over 2023. BMW has partnered with Rimac Technology to develop innovative high-voltage battery technology for future vehicles.

Rimac Technology, a subsidiary of the Rimac Group, has a history of supplying EV engineering solutions to various automakers. BMW’s partnership with Rimac signals a move towards mainstream development, requiring Rimac to adapt their Croatian campus for sophisticated battery production to meet demands in the industry.

Last year, Rimac began work on the 46XX EV platform utilizing 46-millimeter cells, aligning with BMW’s future programs. BMW also signed a deal with Chinese battery cell supplier Eve Energy for 46-mm batteries in European EVs, extending their existing collaboration. While BMW’s Neue Klasse vehicles are not part of the Rimac partnership at launch, the collaboration hints at potential developments in future EV components.

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