Evolution of Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro Colors over the Years

Every year, a new Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro exclusive color is introduced along with a new version of the vehicle. The 2025 model is no exception, bringing a completely new Toyota 4Runner to the market. Detailed information about the new 2025 4Runner, including its features, comparison to the Land Cruiser, and the Trailhunter trim level, can be found in the links provided.

For those interested in exploring the special colors offered by Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro over the years, here is a list:

Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro colors from 2015-2025:

2015: Inferno

2016: Quicksand

2017: Cement

2018: Cavalry Blue

2019: Voodoo Blue

2020: Army Green

2021: Lunar Rock

2022: Lime Rush

2023 Solar Octane

2024 Terra

2025 Mudbath

The 2025 4Runner TRD Pro features a 2.5-inch lift with Fox shocks, designed for high-speed desert driving. It also includes 33-inch tires, manually disconnecting stabilizer bar, and a wider stance compared to the previous TRD Pro model. Notably, the new TRD Pro model does not come with a roof rack, as Toyota believes that demand for it will be low.

The unique color of the 2025 model is Mudbath, confirmed by Toyota representatives to be the exclusive TRD Pro color for that year.

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