Indian Scout lineup for 2025 gets a makeover with vintage aesthetic and updated technology

Indian has revamped its Scout lineup, marking the first significant update to the midsize cruiser model since Indian reintroduced it in 2015. The brand has completely redesigned its top-selling bike, from the frame to the trims and the accessories catalog.

The previous lineup included models like the Bobber Sixty, Rogue Sixty, and Sixty with smaller 60-cubic-inch engines producing 78 hp, as well as the Bobber, Rogue, Scout, and Bobber 20. However, the smaller engine and the 69-cubic-inch V-Twin have been replaced with a new steel tube frame housing a 1,250-cc V-twin named the SpeedPlus, generating up to 111 horsepower and over 82 pound-feet of torque. While the exact output figures for the five new trims are not specified, Indian indicates that they all offer varying power levels.

The new trims in the lineup include the Bobber, Sport, Classic, Super, and 101, all equipped with ABS. Indian highlights that the seat heights for all models are a consistent 25.6 inches to cater to a wider range of riders compared to the previous lineup with seat heights ranging from 25.3 to 26.6 inches.

  • The Bobber focuses on a low, solo seat and classic looks with a “slammed” suspension providing two inches of travel.
  • The Sport Scout features moto handlebars, a sport seat with back support, a quarter fairing, and a 19-inch front wheel.
  • The Scout Classic offers relaxed seating, more chrome, bodywork, and wire wheels.
  • The Super Scout is designed for long journeys with two passengers, featuring a windshield, saddlebags, pillion seat, and chrome accents.
  • The 101 Scout is positioned as the highest-performing model, boasting inverted adjustable forks, piggyback rear shocks, Brembo dual disc brakes, and a solo seat.

The emphasis in the equipment steps is on technology, with varying features available on different trims. Options range from the Standard with basic gauges and LED lights to the Limited and Limited + Tech with advanced technology like traction control, cruise control, and a touchscreen display with Ride Command.

The accessories catalog offers over 100 items categorized into themes such as Commuter, Overnighter, Open Roads, and Stealth, catering to various rider preferences. These accessories can be purchased individually.

Pricing for the Scout lineup starts at $12,999 for the Scout Bobber Standard and goes up to $16,999 for the Scout 101 Limited + Tech. The new models are set to arrive at dealers in May.