Model X outperforms Tesla Cybertruck in towing range

Tesla has long touted the Cybertruck’s capability, noting its 11,000-pound towing capacity and off-roading chops. Recent testing by Bowlus, a high-end trailer builder, showed that the truck might not offer the best range while pulling a load, however, and found that one of Tesla’s SUVs outperforms the pickup in how far it can tow.

Bowlus CEO Geneva Long posted the company’s test results on LinkedIn, in which the Model X achieved better real-world range numbers while towing an EV-friendly Bowlus Volterra trailer, which weighs 3,250 pounds. The SUV covered 71% of its 330-mile range estimate, or 235 miles, while the dual-motor Cybertruck made it just 160 miles, or 47% of its Tesla-claimed 340-mile range. Towing capacity is one thing, but the truck’s disappointing range estimates mean that pulling a trailer any significant distance is going to be a hassle.

To be fair, the Cybertruck’s numbers aren’t out of line with towing tests performed with other automakers’ electric trucks, including the Rivian R1T and Ford F-150 Lightning. Still, it’s interesting that the almost decade-old Model X performed so much better. Bowlus didn’t explain why this might be the case, though among the variables is the fact that the Cybertruck itself is 1,300 pounds heavier than the Model X.

Since the Bowlus test numbers came out, multiple reports have surfaced that claim the Cyberturck also suffers from plenty of early-adopter problems. Some owners claim their trucks died within minutes of delivery, while others have taken to social media to outline its questionable build quality and ability to do real “truck stuff.”

Though it looks like nothing else on the road, these issues are starting to add up in favor of the Cybertruck being an expensive toy rather than the world-beating pickup Tesla CEO Elon Musk has talked about for years. The oddly-shaped bed, half-hearted accessory tent, and issues with a fine patina of surface rust have, um, tarnished the truck’s image, and its steep price tag hasn’t helped. Despite all that, we’ve seen some sky-high auction prices. Including a Cybertruck in “Cyberbeast” trim that just sold for $262,500.

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