New Toyota Crown Landscape Special Edition is Adventure-Ready

Featuring a relatively high ground clearance and a sleek, fastback-like shape, the Toyota Crown blurs the distinction between a sedan and a crossover. Channeling its off-road capabilities into a unique special edition model called Landscape, the Crown showcases rally-inspired design updates.

Introduced to the Japanese market, the Crown Landscape has the appearance of a SEMA show car. However, this isn’t a joke, a concept, or a custom tuner’s creation; it’s a real vehicle set for production. Sitting about an inch higher than the standard Crown, it boasts a two-tone black and Urban Khaki paint scheme, edition-specific 18-inch wheels, all-terrain tires, and hand-painted Gori Gori Black wheel arch flares.

Red mudflaps pay homage to Toyota’s rally heritage, and the Landscape includes a hitch with a towing capacity of around 1,650 pounds. Additionally, it offers a 15.2-cubic-foot trunk and an optional roof rack for extra storage space. The interior receives subtle updates like black upholstery, trim, and a “Landscape” emblem.

Mechanically, the Landscape remains unchanged, utilizing a gasoline-electric hybrid drivetrain with a turbocharged 2.4-liter engine, two electric motors, and a nickel-metal hybride battery pack. This setup, found in the RS trim, powers all four wheels through a six-speed automatic transmission.

Priced at 6,850,000 Japanese yen (approximately $45,300), the Crown Landscape offers a unique option in the market. While its availability in the American market is uncertain, Toyota has not confirmed any plans for its release outside of Japan.

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