Report: ‘The Grand Tour’ to be Rebooted with New Hosts, sources reveal

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May made the move to Amazon years ago, after a dramatic end to their version of Top Gear on the BBC. After more than two decades on the air together, the trio moved to Amazon to start The Grand Tour, but there’s only one special left before they ride off into the sunset. Top Gear continued on with other hosts, but never achieved the chemistry of the original crew, but it now seems a production company will try the same thing with The Grand Tour.

Broadcast reported that Studio Lambert confirmed its plans to reboot the Amazon show with a new set of hosts. The studio won the rights to the contract after battling rival pitches, but there’s no word on when production will start or who will attempt to fill the giant shoes of the three original hosts. Multiple versions of Top Gear and related spinoffs have proved it to be an exceptionally difficult task to pull off.

In a Radio Times interview last year, James May hinted at the development, saying, “I mean, some people have said we’ve been canceled. But really we’re getting quite close to the end of our contract, but we didn’t really have any particular plans to keep going because we’re all really just getting a bit old. It might be time to let someone else have a crack at it.”

Though we might not be getting more of the original trio behind the wheel after their final special airs, they all have other projects in the works. Clarkson’s Farm is a popular show following Jeremy’s farming efforts, while James May’s Our Man In… series continues with a new show in India this year. Richard Hammond’s Workshop profiles his haphazard car restoration efforts, and his daughter has gotten in on the action with multiple YouTube videos and appearances with her father on podcasts and other films.