Review of the 2024 Toyota 4Runner: End of an Era

Pros: Tried-and-true mechanicals; cargo-carrying champ; roll-down rear window; multiple variants

Cons: Slow; inefficient; imprecise handling; antiquated interior; an all-new one is arriving next year

As we wait for the arrival of the all-new Tacoma and Land Cruiser in 2024, the Toyota 4Runner continues to soldier on into its 15th year without a complete redesign. Its platform dates back even further, showing signs of age both positively and negatively. While the simple and rugged 4Runner has its charm, the anticipation for its replacement in 2025 is high.

Despite its age, the current 4Runner remains popular for its rugged chassis, capable suspension, ample space, and reliability. Off-roaders love it, and families find it a practical alternative to midsize crossovers. The interior offers tranquility and simplicity, a stark contrast to more modern and complicated vehicles.

However, drawbacks include a V6 engine with less power, a limited number of gears, poor fuel economy, and imprecise handling. The interior feels outdated, lacking modern amenities found in newer vehicles. Consider a used 4Runner if you can’t wait for the next generation.

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What’s new for 2024?

The 40th Anniversary Edition is discontinued, but the TRD Pro gets a new Terra paint color. Another new color, Underground, is introduced across the lineup. Expect no major changes beyond that.