The 2024 Ford Mustang Mach-E receives numerous significant upgrades

Ford has experienced fluctuations in demand for the Mustang Mach-E, with recent price cuts on the 2023 models to stimulate sales. Despite this, Ford has now launched the 2024 Mach-E model, offering increased range estimates and a Performance Upgrade option for the GT trim that surpasses competitors like Tesla Model Y Performance and Porsche Macan 4 Electric in acceleration.

All variants of the Mach-E have received range improvements, with non-GT models now offering 250 miles with the standard battery and 320 miles with the extended-range unit. The GT model now boasts 280 miles of range, while the new Mach-E Rally offers 265 miles on a single charge.

Ford has stated that the EV now charges 20% faster, with extended-range models reaching a 10-80 percent charge in just over 36 minutes. Standard-range models can achieve the same charge level in just over 32 minutes, with the ability to charge at Tesla Superchargers and access charging locations through Android Auto or Apple Maps navigation.

BlueCruise hands-free driving assistance is available for all trims, while Ford has improved the infotainment system with a new interface and streamlined controls. The pricing for the 2024 Mach-E range starts at $39,995 for the Select trim in the standard-range rear-wheel drive configuration, with prices increasing for all-wheel drive, extended-range battery, and higher trim levels.

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