Toyota gives sneak peek at 2025 4Runner’s retractable rear window

The latest teaser for the 2025 Toyota 4Runner has been unveiled, confirming the SUV will keep its roll-down rear window and revealing a launch date of April 9. The teaser also offers a sneak peek at the rear-end design and interior.

On the exterior, the new LED taillights stand out, promising a fresh look for the 4Runner. The bold “Toyota” text is positioned at the center of the tailgate, surrounded by texturized trim pieces. This gives the SUV a more rugged and truck-like appearance compared to the current model. The up and down arrows next to the Toyota badge appear to control the rear window. Additionally, the raised roof rails in a brushed silver finish add to the vehicle’s aesthetics.

Looking through the open rear window, a large touchscreen interface is visible with the latest software interface seen on other Toyota models. The layout bears a strong resemblance to the new Tacoma, featuring a central volume knob and a start/stop switch located near the touchscreen. The digital instrument cluster can also be seen through the gap in the driver’s headrest.

Several elements inside the 4Runner are reminiscent of the Tacoma, such as the passenger side vent and instrument hood design. When Toyota officially unveils the interior on April 9, expect it to closely resemble the Tacoma’s interior.

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