Acura MDX 2025 Embraces Touchscreens, Google, and Bang & Olufsen Technology, Leaves Touchpad Behind

The 2025 Acura MDX undergoes numerous updates and enhancements, particularly on the inside, where the introduction of a new infotainment system has the potential to revolutionize Acura’s flagship SUV and possibly the entire brand.

At first glance, the addition of a 12.3-inch touchscreen to a new luxury vehicle might not seem like a big deal, even with features such as over-the-air updates and Google built-in technology. It could even be seen as mundane if you discover that both the screen and interface are essentially the same as those found in a high-end Honda Accord. However, the significance lies in what it replaces. Acura’s disliked True Touchpad interface, which debuted on the current-generation RDX and spread throughout the Acura lineup, has been removed. This interface, which featured a screen on the dashboard and a unique touchpad on the center console, was not well-received. With the new touchscreen shared with the Accord, it is sensibly laid out, visually appealing, and includes Google built-in features like an enhanced version of Google Maps and access to various Apps from the Google Play store, along with Apple CarPlay.

With the removal of the True Touchpad, space has opened up on the center console. A new wide, somewhat shallow bin has been added in place of the touchpad. The volume knob has been relocated closer to the driver’s hand, where the touchpad used to be. The wrist rest for the touchpad has been removed, making it easier to place and remove a phone.

Another significant change for the 2025 model year is the introduction of Bang & Olufsen sound systems instead of the Panasonic/ELS upgrades that Acura has used for two decades. Although the ZDX was the first Acura to feature a Bang & Olufsen system, the MDX will receive the most powerful version to date. Exclusive to the range-topping Type S with Advance Package, this system features 31 speakers, 24 channels of power, two amplifiers, and an 8.8-inch subwoofer. A 19-speaker Bang & Olufsen system is included on the MDX Technology Package, Advance Package, and A-Spec models, with features like 3D Sound Control and Beosonic one-touch sound control.

In other technology updates, the AcuraWatch driver assistance suite receives a hardware upgrade, improving adaptive cruise control performance, blind-spot warning capabilities, and forward collision mitigation. The Type S with Advance Package includes higher-grade sensors that enhance existing ADAS systems and enable features like automated lane changes and automatic steering intervention.

There are no mechanical changes, but additional sound deadening and rear laminated glass have been added to most trim levels. Exterior updates include revised lower fascias, new grille inserts, and a redesigned grille surround for both standard and Type S models. The taillights are now darker, and new wheel designs are also available.

While these changes may not seem groundbreaking, the new touchscreen interface eliminates a significant barrier to purchasing a new MDX. It also suggests that future Acura models may receive similar upgrades, so stay tuned for updates on the RDX and TLX models.