BMW’s latest driving school emphasizes training with armored vehicles and protecting high-value assets

We get a kick out of coming across armored outliers like Inkas’ armored 70 Series Toyota Land Cruiser or the pair of armored Subaru Foresters for sale at a used car dealership in Atlanta. The Germans have taken armoring to the next level, with Mercedes offering the S680 Guard, BMW expanding the options with the X5 Protection, new gas-powered 7 Series Protection, and the all-electric i7 Protection. Driving an armored vehicle requires specialized skills similar to handling a Ranger Raptor, making the need for recovery even more significant. BMW offers Security Vehicle Training with two levels of courses to help drivers enhance their abilities in driving armored vehicles and ensuring the safe transport of valuable assets.

With a history of 35 years, the school operates from a training facility established in the former Templin NATO air base in northern Berlin. The vast space allows BMW to create realistic training scenarios mimicking real-world threats. The first course covers the basics of handling the extra weight and size of an armored vehicle, with the BMW X5 Protection weighing nearly 1,800 pounds more than its regular version and the BMW i7 Protection tipping the scales at over 9,000 pounds. The courses focus on maneuvering the vehicle effectively and safely rather than engaging in high-speed chases. Instructors teach participants how to anticipate situations, stay calm under pressure, execute evasive maneuvers, navigate obstacles, and handle emergency situations. The training also includes night-time exercises to enhance escape tactics using different lighting systems.

The second day of training includes advanced evasion techniques, high-speed handling, and simulated vehicle attacks. Graduates of the basic course can opt for the Level 2 course, which spans three days and covers more intense maneuvers and scenarios, including driving under fire, high-speed driving on a track, handling night-time ambushes, and mastering challenging terrains with the vehicle.

The BMW’s Security Driver courses are limited to 16 participants, with two individuals per vehicle and an instructor. The courses are tailored for individuals seeking professional training in driving armored vehicles, with prices available upon request.

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