Buy a Ford Pickup and Get Access to the Performance Ranger Raptor Assault School

You can add a Ranger Raptor Assault School to the list of Ford Performance driver training programs held around the country. Ford created a course for the F-150 Raptor at the Ford Performance Racing School in Utah’s Tooele Valley, and now the newest pickup of prey gets in on the off-road action. The one-day event has professional instructors take new owners on a tour of the 400-horsepower Ranger Raptor’s capabilities in a 45-minute classroom and for about seven hours on an outdoor course. The real-world curriculum covers the various terrains the truck was designed for, from rock-crawling to side hilling, climbing and descending, and high-speed Baja runs, with time spent on crucial technique issues like maneuvering and braking. There’s also a component covering the ‘leave the landscape as you found it’ principles of Tread Lightly, and a run of hot laps by instructors so students can see how much they still have to learn.

All an owner has to do is sign up, then show up on the appointed day for the welcome reception the evening before the driving portion. Transportation to the school isn’t included, nor is lodging, but meals are provided. With the keys to a Ranger Raptor, though, the best way to get to the school would be to drive there, then, after graduation, explore one’s new knowledge and the truck at off-roading spots not too far away like The Snakes, Little Moab, and American Fork Canyon not far away from the school.  

Owners of the 2024 or 2025 Raptor have one calendar year from the date of delivery of their trucks to attend for no cost. They can also substitute an immediate family member who’s at least 16 years old in their place at no cost, all the way out to grandchildren, in-laws, and step-children for a special treat. Owners who rather go and take company can buy a $1,495 slot for a driving guest or $50 slot for a non-driving guest. Registration is open now, courses begin in June.

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