Exploring the Honda Ridgeline’s Versatility Beyond Just Luggage: A Comprehensive Test

I’ve conducted numerous luggage tests in three different locations across two states, causing occasional confusion about which cars I’ve tested. I inadvertently retested the Subaru Ascent and repeated the test again. For details on how many bags fit in the clever under-bed trunk of the Honda Ridgeline, refer back to my review in May 2021.

Despite the duplicated results, this review focuses on the 2024 Honda Ridgeline, showcasing its unique abilities. The under-bed trunk proved useful when I found the perfect tree on sale at a local gardening center. The Ridgeline’s 7.9-cubic-foot cavity easily accommodated the tree with room for a smaller tree as well.

The access to the trunk is facilitated by the Ridgeline’s Dual Action tailgate, which swings out and drops down. This feature allows for convenient loading and bed access, making tasks like loading mulch much easier.

However, the shallow bed of the Ridgeline presents limitations, illustrated by the height of the bed walls. While the truck’s unique features offer benefits, the tailgate lacks a damped downward function, slamming abruptly down.

The issue of locking the tailgate was resolved by disabling the locking feature through the manual. The glovebox switch enables power-locking of the trunk, adding to the tailgate’s functionality dilemma.

In terms of storage inside the cab, the truck offers space for luggage test bags due to the flip-up seat bottom and flat floor, a feature uncommon in mid-size trucks. The split 60/40 seat bottom offers versatility for storage and passenger seating.

The Ridgeline’s practicality extends to its family-friendly features, such as accommodating dog beds in the back seat. The truck’s design makes it a versatile option for both home projects and SUV-like tasks.

In conclusion, the Honda Ridgeline proves to be a suitable choice for various needs, blending the functionality of a truck with the convenience of an SUV, making it an appealing option for both individuals and families.