Genesis unveils revised 2024 model lineup with updated pricing

Genesis has finalized the changes to its 2024 lineup, featuring updates across various models without any major generational changes. One key addition to all 2024 Genesis vehicles is the inclusion of a wi-fi hotspot. Here’s a breakdown of some of the models:


The GV60 now offers an entry-level Standard RWD trim with a slightly reduced battery capacity of 77 kWh. This model includes standard features like more airbags, Highway Driving Assist 2, and Digital Key 2. The pricing for different trims is as follows:

GV60 Standard RWD: $53,330

GV60 Advanced AWD: $61,880

GV60 Performance AWD: $70,880

Genesis G80

The G80 lineup sees the removal of some trims and the addition of new packages. The pricing for the 2.5T AWD and 3.5T AWD models are:

G80 2.5T AWD: $55,650

G80 3.5T AWD: $66,875


The ICE-powered GV70 receives updates like standard 19-inch alloys and added safety features for different trims. The pricing for the GV70 models is:

GV70 2.5T Standard: $46,500

GV70 3.5T Sport: $59,100


The GV80 lineup experiences pricing changes and updates to trims like the addition of the Prestige Signature trim. The pricing for the GV80 models is:

GV80 2.5T Standard: $59,050

GV80 3.5T Standard: $66,250

Electrified GV70

The Electrified GV70 sees changes in the color palette and pricing updates:

Electrified GV70 Advanced: $67,800

Electrified G80

The Electrified G80 introduces a new entry trim called Advanced, along with pricing adjustments. The pricing for the Electrified G80 models is:

Electrified G80 Advanced: $76,625

Electrified G80 Prestige: $80,375


The G90 sedan now features dynamic welcome lighting, an improved soft-close door system, and engine sound customization. The pricing for the G90 models is:

G90 3.5T: $90,450

G90 3.5T E-Supercharger: $100,750