Reportedly, the planned 2025 launch of the Base GMC Hummer EV2 has been canceled.

Recall October 2021? That’s when GMC revealed trims and pricing for the Hummer EV pickup range. It kicked off with the Edition 1, priced at around $110,000 before selling out. Following that was the EV3X in fall 2022 for $99,995, then the EV2X in the spring of 2023 for $89,995. Shoppers were also supposed to have the choice of the EV2, a more affordable option without the “X” designation, which featured dual motors but a less powerful 400-volt electric system and a smaller battery pack that could provide an estimated range of 250 miles. Initially, the EV2 was set to start at $79,995. However, spring has arrived, but the EV2 is nowhere to be seen, and GM Authority reports from unnamed sources that there will be no 2 model for the 2025 model year except for the 2X. This unexpected move once again defies expectations in the automotive industry.

With the $2,295 destination charge included, the 2024 GMC Hummer EV pickup lineup is as follows:

  • EV2X Pickup: $98,845
  • EV3X Pickup: $106,945
  • EV3X Omega Edition Pickup: $150,295

On the SUV side, the MSRPs are nearly identical:

  • EV2X SUV: $98,845
  • EV3X SUV: $106,945
  • EV3X Omega Edition SUV: $130,300

For both body styles, it’s worth noting that Interstellar White is the only complimentary exterior color. Void Black adds $495 to the price, while five other colors cost $625, and Afterburner Tintcoat orange is priced at $1,225.

The limited-edition Omega variant enhances the 3X trim with exclusive Neptune Blue Matte paint, the $9,995 Extreme Off-Road Package, unique 18-inch wheels, special interior carpeting, a see-through roof, and the MultiPro tailgate with a Kicker audio system on the pickup. Both trucks also come equipped with 35-inch mud-terrain tires, underbody skid plates, and additional off-road camera views. The price difference is partly due to the Omega Edition pickup having a 24-module battery, while the SUV features a 20-module battery. This trim is exclusively available to existing order holders.

Speaking of which, the futuristic EV is still a few years away for some, but more reservation holders are already receiving deliveries this year as GM continues to ramp up production. GMC sold two Hummer EVs in the first quarter of last year, with about 65,000 potential buyers on the reservation list, and a total of 3,260 units sold in 2023. In the first three months of this year, GMC sold 1,668 trucks.

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