Subaru BRZ Cup Car Basic: Factory Race Car with Roll Cage Ready to Race

Subaru has unveiled its latest BRZ designed specifically for racing. Known as the BRZ Cup Car Basic, it was created for the GR86/BRZ Cup, a grassroots motorsport series held in Japan featuring Toyota GR86 and Subaru BRZ sports cars.

Similar to the Toyota GR86 Cup Car Basic, the BRZ Cup Car Basic comes equipped with a new six-point roll cage and a six-point harness for the driver’s seat, mandatory safety features for the series. Unique floor mats designed to fit the roll cage are included, and side and side curtain airbags have been removed due to interference with the roll cage.

The 2.4-liter boxer engine remains unchanged, producing 232 horsepower in Japanese spec, slightly higher than the 228 horsepower in other markets. The BRZ Cup Car Basic features an oil cooler and a custom-built differential housing with cooling fins.

The car comes with steel wheels from the showroom, meant for basic transportation and likely to be replaced by racers with aftermarket wheels. The price is set at ¥3,700,400, equivalent to $24,385, which is higher than the base BRZ price in Japan.

The GR86/BRZ Cup started in 2013 with the debut of the first-generation Toyobaru twins. It includes an eight-round season with Professional and Clubman classes. Toyota and Subaru aim to promote grassroots racing, make motorsports accessible, and support the aftermarket industry with this series.