Top Windshield Repair Kits of 2024

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If there’s a chip or a crack in your car windshield, it’s extremely important to get it repaired before it spreads and creates an even bigger problem. The safest way to do this is by contacting a windshield repair professional, but if you’re determined to DIY it, there are options for you. A windshield repair kit can help anyone tackle a chip in the windshield, which may prevent the damage from spreading. Here are the best windshield repair kits available on Amazon.

$12.67 at Amazon

Key Features

  • #1 best-selling windshield repair kit on Amazon
  • Resin-based
  • Might stop cracks from spreading
  • Repairs laminated glass up to the 1st layer

The Rain-X Windshield Repair Kit is currently the #1 best-selling windshield repair kit on Amazon. It works on all types of laminated windshields up to the first layer in the glass.

$9.99 at Amazon

Key Features

  • Resin-based
  • Might stop cracks from spreading
  • Unique vacuum design
  • Takes up to 20 minutes

This windshield repair kit from KMOOL is a resin-based solution. This kit can be used on standard and laminated windshields and takes less than 20 minutes to cure.

$22.99 at Amazon

Key Features

  • UV curing light kit
  • 4 irradiation modes
  • 20PA vacuum pressure
  • Takes up to 8 minutes

This Sonax UV Curing Light Windshield Repair Kit may look a bit unusual, but once you figure out how to use it there is no going back to regular repair kits. It uses a UV light that is placed above the repair area after the resin is placed, applying heat and drying to the area in less than 8 minutes. Other kits need direct sunlight to dry the resin, but this one can be used anywhere at anytime.

$10.61 at Amazon

Key Features

  • Covers up to 1.25” in diameter
  • Cures by natural sunlight
  • No mixing necessary
  • Easy-to-follow instructions

This Permatex windshield repair kit makes air-tight repairs and is effective on most laminated glass windshields. It has a spring-lock feature that lets you easily make professional-grade repairs with no mixing required.

$16.86 at Amazon

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty repair resin
  • Can repair laminated and double-layer glass
  • Includes 4 bottles of resin
  • Takes up to 30 minutes

This ARRIONO Windshield Repair Kit uses a high-quality resin that can repair laminated and double-layer glass windshields. The pressure drive has four arms and there are four bottles of resin included. It takes up to 30 minutes to cure.

How to use a windshield repair kit

Using a windshield repair kit is relatively easy, and most of them work the same way. First off, make sure your car is parked outside and you know where the damage is located. Next, use a thumbtack to clean out any loose glass in the crack and wipe down the surface with the cleaning pad. Next, apply the resin fill into the crack or chip and place the curing film on top of it. Let it dry for the recommended amount of time according to your kit’s instructions then remove it. To finish things up, scrape off excess resin residue from the area with a razor blade.

Are there any downsides to these repair kits?

A major downside to consider is that they can only cover bullseye cracks up to a certain size. They are unable to cover more significant damage such as spiderweb cracks, starburst chips and long windshield cracks. Another disadvantage they face is if the crack isn’t attended to fast enough, it will likely grow and expand and lead to the entire windshield needing to be replaced. These kits are a bit of a Hail Mary: They will not remove the damage, but they might stop it from spreading and make it less noticeable.

Should I repair windshield damage immediately after it happens?

Once your windshield is damaged, it’s best to act on it as soon as possible. A crack will likely spread.

What if the crack spreads?

A cracked windshield is a safety issue. Contact your insurance company. Covering replacement windshields is a big part of what they do.

Can I use a windshield repair kit on other windows in my car?

You can use it for small chips and cracks on other windows on some occasions, but it’s rare for them to be chipped while driving.

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